What to Bring

 Mandatory for your safety:

  • Dive Certification cards
  • Dive Sausage (Red or Orange only please!)
  • Dive Computer
  • Dive Alert (No Whistles Please!) - click the link below for more info

    Link to Dive Alert

 Additional items to remember:

  • Spear guns and spare accessories
  • Lobster snares or ticklers & nets
  • Zip ties to tag your catch

 We supply tanks (80 cu ft. aluminum) and weights.  You may bring your own tanks; but please inform us prior to your arrival via the manifest.  If you choose to bring your own tanks, please bring any adapters needed to fill the tanks as we do not supply adapters.  Make sure your tanks' hydrostat and VIP certifications are current.

Hosts/Group Leaders:  

  • Please notify us of how many people will be bringing tanks and their sizes
  • Bring two tanks per diver
  • Bring one filling adapter (if applicable) per every two tanks
  • Make sure your tanks hydrostat and VIP certifications are current

 We supply linens and pillows for your bunks.  We also supply body soap, shampoo, and conditioner as well as general first aide items.

You may want to consider bringing the following comfort items:

  • Your favorite sodas and/or alcoholic beverages (we supply lemonade or iced-tea and water throughout the day).  Whenever possible, please purchase your items in cans or plastic bottles vs. glass bottles.
  • We have a common cooler for additional beverages; a net/mesh bag to place your personal beverages in is very handy - it makes identifying and fishing out your drinks much easier
  • Personal medications - Sudafed, anti-sea sickness, etc.
  • A towel or two
  • Sun screen


A Note on gratuities - Aboard the M/V Playmate, gratuities are not included in the trip charge.  If the crew performs to your expectations, we suggest a gratuity of 15-20% of your package price, which is considered normal for a live-aboard charter.  We do appreciate you appreciating our Crew!  They are the best in the business here!


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